Thomas Carroll, Ph.D.

Senior Economist

Since 1986, Dr. Thomas Carroll has produced hundreds of expert reports involving personal injury, wrongful death, business damage, inverse condemnation, construction defect, discrimination and wrongful termination cases. Dr. Carroll is a retired professor of economics at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV), where he taught courses in the economics of discrimination, statistical analysis, and economic forecasting. He uses his forty years of classroom experience to deliver thorough and easily accessible analysis.



  • Optimal Analytics, Ltd
    • Senior Economist (2017-Present)
  • Thomas Carroll & Associates, Ltd
    • Principal (1995-2017)


  • University of Nevada, Las Vegas
    • Professor Emeritus (2014-Present)
    • Professor of Economics (1986-2014)
  • Memphis State University
    • Professor of Economics (1984-1986)
    • Associate Professor of Economics (1978- 1984)
    • Assistant Professor of Economics (1975-1978)
  • California State University, Northridge
    • Assistant Professor of Economics (1973-1975)
  • Syracuse University
    • Teaching Associate, Army Comptrollership School (1972)
    • Teaching Assistant (1971)

Courses Taught

  • The Economics of Discrimination (undergraduate level)
  • Principles of Macroeconomics (undergraduate level)
  • Principles of Microeconomics (undergraduate level)
  • Introductory Statistics (undergraduate level)
  • Intermediate Statistics (undergraduate level)
  • Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (undergraduate level)
  • Labor Economics (undergraduate level)
  • Urban-Regional Economics (undergraduate level)
  • Economics of Gary Becker (undergraduate level)
  • Economic Foundations of Legal Issues (undergraduate level)
  • Comparative Economic Systems (undergraduate level)
  • Managerial Economics (undergraduate/graduate level)
  • Public Finance (undergraduate/graduate level)
  • Quantitative Economics (undergraduate/graduate level)
  • Advanced Statistical Modeling (MBA/MA program)
  • Economic Theory with Legal Applications (MA/Law program)
  • Advanced Microeconomic Theory (MA/DBA program)
  • Econometrics (MA/DBA program)
  • Location Theory (MA/MPA program)
  • Business and Economic Forecasting (MA/MBA program)

Course Development

  • Economics and the Law, Approved by Graduate Curriculum Committee (1999)
  • Designed Economics Courses for revised MBA curriculum (1997-1998)
  • Designed Master of Science in Financial Economics, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (1991)
  • Seminar in Economic Theory and Policy: Law and Economics (1989)
  • Revision of Graduate Curriculum, Department of Economics, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (1987)

Other Administrative/University Service

  • College of Business and Economics, Graduate Committee (1989-2014)
  • College of Business Promotion and Tenure Committee (1995-2014)
  • College of Business MBA Team (1997-2014)
  • UNLV Graduate Council (1990-2000)
  • Interim Chair, Department of Economics (1999–2000)
  • Chair, Graduate College Curriculum Committee (1997–2000)
  • Graduate Coordinator, Department of Economics (1996-2000)
  • Graduate Dean Search Committee (1998-1999)
  • Department of Economics Merit, Promotion, and Tenure Committee (1994-1997)
  • College of Business Dean Search Committee (1996-1997)
  • Graduate Advisor, Department of Economics (1995-1996)
  • University Honors Program Review Committee (1995-1996)
  • Graduate Curriculum Committee (1993-1995)
  • Graduate Coordinator, Department of Economics (1986-1994)
  • Chair, Graduate College Program Review Committee (1990-1991)
  • College of Business and Economics Ad-Hoc MBA Committee (1988-1989)
  • College of Business and Economics Instructional Evaluation Committee (1987-1988)

Other Professional Experience

  • Educational Policy Research Center, Syracuse, New York: Research Associate/Research Fellow (1972-1973)


  • Ph.D., Economics, Syracuse University (1973)
  • MA, Economics, Syracuse University (1972)
  • AB, Economics, Miami University (1970)




  • The Impact of a Water-Imposed Interruption to Growth in the Las Vegas Valley, William T. White Associates, March 1991, Revised March, 1992.

  • The Impact of Federal Land Withdrawal on the Nevada Economy, Center for Business and Economic Research, UNLV, August, 1989.

  • An Economic Simulation of Reduced Activity at the Nevada Test Site: An Application of the REMI Model, Center for Business and Economic Research, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, August, 1988.

  • Las Vegas Economic Indicators: Monthly Time Series, Center for Business and Economic Research, University of Nevada, Law Vegas, June, 1988.

  • Impact of a Waterway User Charge on the Tennessee Economy (with K. Burns, G. Mickle and R. Morano), Bureau of Business and Economic Research, Memphis State University, 1978.

  • Black Employment and Economic Development in Memphis (with D. Ciscel, J. Gnuschke and T. Collins), Center for Manpower Studies, Memphis State University, 1978.

Journal Referee

  • The Review of Economics and Statistics
  • Quarterly Journal of Business and Economics
  • Annals of Regional Science
  • Social Science Quarterly
  • The Journal of Economic Education


  • "How Can a Forensic Economist Help the Jury When Medical Experts Disagree" American Academy of Economic and Financial Experts, Las Vegas, Nevada, April 22, 2021

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  • “Medical Inflation Forecasting,” American Academy of Economic and Financial Experts, Las Vegas, Nevada, March 17, 2016.

  • “The Impact of Disability on Job Search Success” Annual Meeting of the Western Economic Association International – NAFE Session IV & V June 30, 2015.

  • “The ATUS and the Whole-Time Approach to Economic Damages in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death” Annual Meeting of the Western Economic Association International – NAFE Session IV & V June 30, 2015.

  • “Occupational Disability and Earning Capacity: An Econometric Analysis” Annual Meeting of the Western Economic Association International – NAFE IV & V Session June 30, 2015.

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  • Omicron Delta Epsilon, Economics Honor Society
  • Phi Beta Kappa, Honors Fraternity
  • Pi Sigma Alpha, Political Science Honorary Association
  • Pi Eta Sigma, Undergraduate Honors Society
  • American Economic Association
  • Western Economic Association
  • Western Regional Science Association
  • National Association of Forensic Economists
  • American Academy of Economic and Financial Experts

Other Activities

  • Southwest Economics Association
    • Vice-President (1984-1985)
  • Midsouth Association of Business Economists
    • President (1983-1984)
    • Vice-President (1982-83)
    • Secretary (1981-1982 & 1985-1986)
  • Southwest Social Science Association
    • Professional Standards Committee (1983-1986)

Attorney References

  • Achrem, Edward J.
    Edward Achrem & Associates. 512 S. Tonopah Dr. #100, Las Vegas, NV 89106. (702) 734-3936.

  • Christensen, Thomas F.,
    Christensen Law Office, 1000 S. Valley View Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89107. (702) 792-6022.

  • Campbell, Donald J.
    Campbell & Williams, 710 S. Seventh Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101. (702) 382-5222.

  • Emerson, Phillip.
    Emerson Law Group. 1055 Whitney Ranch Dr., Ste. 120, Henderson, NV 89014. (702) 384-9444.

  • Gentile, Dominic,
    Clark Hill PLC. 1700 S Pavilion Center Dr., Suite 500, Las Vegas, NV 89135. (702) 697-7508.

  • Gorman, Lauren.
    Office of the Federal Public Defender. 201 West Liberty St., Ste. 102, Reno, NV 89501. (775) 321-8451.

  • Keating, John.
    Keating Law Group. 9130 West Russell Road, Suite 200, Las Vegas, NV 89148. (702) 228-6800.

  • Marks, Daniel.
    Law Office of Daniel Marks. 610 South Ninth Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101. (702) 386-0536.

  • Marshall, Eric L.
    Marshall Injury Law. 3333 E Serene Ave., Suite 120, Henderson, NV 89074. 702) 489-5700.

  • Mirkovich, Samuel R.
    Campbell & Williams. 710 South 7th St., Las Vegas, NV 89101. (702) 382-5222.

  • Triggs, Ronald E.
    Law Office of Ronald E. Triggs. 320 West 25th St., Ste. 305, Cheyenne, WY 82001. (307) 638-8717.

  • Winspear, Gina.
    Dennett Winspear. 3301 North Buffalo Dr., Suite 195, Las Vegas, NV 89129. (702) 839-1100.

  • Wulterin, Shayne L.
    Ford, Walker, Haggerty & Behar. One World Trade Center 27th Floor, Long Beach, CA 90831. (562) 983-2500.

Consulting Fees

Description Amount
Retainer* $4,500.00
Preliminary Report Retainer* $2,000.00
Expedited case (within 10 business days of receipt of documents) $1,000.00 in addition to retainer
Dr. Carroll’s time $400.00 per hour
Deposition (one hour minimum) $500.00 per hour
Testimony (one hour minimum) $500.00 per hour
Travel Time (one hour minimum) $350.00 per hour in city
$1,000.00 per day out of city
Please make checks payable to: Optimal Analytics, Ltd 8734 Villa Jeremiah Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89147
*Do not designate without proper retention. Retainers are nonrefundable.

Trial Testimony

Date Attorney Case Name Case Number Case Type P/D
Jun‐1988Jack PurselPersonal InjuryP
Oct‐1988James JimmersonPersonal InjuryP
Apr‐1989Richard BlackPersonal InjuryD
Apr‐1990W. Randall MainorWrongful DeathP
May‐1990Lionel, Sawyer and CollinsPublic Necessity & ConveniencePSC
Jul‐1990Norman R. JonesPersonal InjuryP
Dec‐1990Kermit WatersInverse CondemnationD
Jan‐1991Patrick FaganTransfer of Cert.PSC
Feb‐1991Roy NelsonPersonal InjuryP
Apr‐1991James JimmersonPersonal InjuryP
May‐1991Norman R. JonesPersonal Injury PP
Sep‐1991Gabriel MartinezPersonal InjuryP
Mar‐1992Candace CarlyonBreach of ContractP
Apr‐1992Frannie ForesmanStatistical AnalysisD
May‐1992Les CombsPersonal InjuryP
Sep‐1992Stewart BellSantelli, PeterPersonal InjuryP
Oct‐1992Lizzie HatcherPersonal InjuryP
Nov‐1992James RirieWrongful DeathP
Nov‐1992Elam, Burke & BoydeBoise, IDBreach of ContractP
Nov‐1992Paul VanDerwerkenPersonal InjuryP
Dec‐1992Les CombsBusiness DamagesP
Feb‐1993Gary HuntsmanPersonal InjuryP
Nov‐1993Bagley Van CottProperty Valuation/ICP
Dec‐1993Vannah & CostelloPersonal InjuryP
May‐1994Stanley W. PiercePersonal InjuryP
Nov‐1994Kermit WatersInverse CondemnationD
Aug‐1995John Peter LeeBreach of ContractP
Oct‐1995William LevyBreach of ContractP
Jan‐1996Edward AchremJohnson, TerryCA DistrictWrongful DeathP
Apr‐1996Kermit WatersInverse CondemnationD
May‐1996Lamond Mills/JohnPersonal InjuryP
May‐1996Edward AchremNolan, ChadArbitrationPersonal InjuryP
Jun‐1996Edward AchremRaby, EdArbitrationPersonal InjuryP
Jun‐1996Bruce AlversonArbitrationBreach of ContractD
Jul‐1996Kermit WatersInverse CondemnationD
Sep‐1996Kermit WatersInverse CondemnationD
Jan‐1997William MorrisTaxi Auth. Hearingn/a
Mar‐1997Patrick FaganShare‐Ride ServicesPublic Service CommissionA
Apr‐1997Kristin McMillanExpanded Charter L.V. LimousinesPublic Service CommissionA
May‐1997Thomas ChristensenAdisu, Lily A. v. Knight, ShawnA‐341515Personal InjuryP
Jul‐1997Gregory G. GordonFalconi Motors Inc. v. Nevada DMVA‐380698Franchise DisputeD
Sep‐1997Donald CampbellBeckwith, Deloris v. Dillard Department Stores Inc.A‐364772Wrongful TerminationP
Jan‐1998Monty Preiser/Les CombsKail, YvonneP‐033635Wrongful DeathP
Mar‐1998Albert G. MarquisVWX No1 Ltd. Partnership v. Williams, Guy; Cash CowArbitrationBusiness DamagesD
Mar‐1998Antonia KillebrewEverett, Delores G. v. Shadow CreekA‐342505Wrongful DeathP
Apr‐1997Kristin McMillanExpanded Charter L.V. LimousinesPublic Service CommissionA
May‐1997Thomas ChristensenAdisu, Lily A. v. Knight, ShawnA‐341515Personal InjuryP
Apr‐1998Albert G. MarquisAt&T Corp. v. L.V. Reservations Systems Inc.A‐343708Business DamagesD
May‐1998Mont TannerMcCrea, CynthiaA‐352029Legal MalpracticeP
Jun‐1998Nancy KilleenVan Sell, SharonCV‐S‐96‐0239 LDG (RLH)Wrongful TerminationP
Jul‐1998John GreenGessam v. Dr. HitoA‐329230Personal InjuryD
Jul‐1998Jason AwadPomarius, Derek A. v. Roper Jr., Richard L.A‐328597Personal InjuryP
Aug‐1998Janet MarkleyAtkinson, KymberleeA‐359921Medical MalpracticeP
Aug‐1998Steve BorrelliSands Convention CenterBC‐145382Legal MalpracticeP
Sep‐1998Jan Paul KochBaker, Carol v. Lust, EdwardA‐375705Personal InjuryP
Dec‐1998Kevin HansenEifealdt, Chris v. Jean Hanna Clark Rehab. CenterA‐345203Personal InjuryP
Jan‐1999Geraldine Kirk‐HughesGarland, PhilPublic TransportationA
Feb‐1999J.E. Ring SmithMorgan, David v Abacus Mini Warehouse Inc.A‐332624Business DamagesD
Feb‐1999Michael SteinSmith, Florence v. Wilcox, HughA‐342345Business DamagesP
Feb‐1999Robert VannahProctor, Penny v. Castelletti, AttilioA‐301815Personal InjuryP
Apr‐1999Scott A. MarquisChivers, Carolyn v. LV Hilton Corp.A 358727Personal InjuryP
Jul‐1999Michael OakesMiller, Veronica v. Sunworld Landscape and MaintenanceA‐369471Personal InjuryP
Sep‐1999Albert G. MarquisBank of America NV v. Nevada Coin Mart Inc.A‐363076Breach of ContractD
Sep‐1999Richard YoungIGC Services; Plummer, William v. Vons Companies Inc.A‐361346Personal InjuryD
Oct‐1999Gerald GillockBeam, Geraldine v. Home Depot USA Inc.A‐364187Personal InjuryP
Nov‐1999Geraldine Kirk‐HughesHerbert, Genoveva v. Benson, EdwardA‐355536Personal InjuryP
Feb‐2000David RosequistHamawi, Rakan v. Williamson, ZolaA‐383974Personal InjuryD
Mar‐2000Charles LoBelloGabriel, RobertA‐364269Wrongful TerminationP
Apr‐2000Paul SchofieldMakuch, Max C. v. Nicholl MD, RaymondA‐387463Personal InjuryP
Apr‐2000Mark LoBelloHammersley, Robert & BiancaA‐366607Personal InjuryP
Jun‐2000David SampsonWimiarski, Ronald v. Smith's Food & Drug Centers Inc.A‐378591Personal InjuryP
Aug‐2000Don Shreve, JrAmes, Denise v. Chesnoff, DavidA‐349167Personal InjuryD
Sep‐2000Peter Angulo & Tom DillardRichardson, Donald v. Metro PoliceCVS‐S‐98‐00474 HDMPersonal InjuryD
Nov‐2000Dennis KennedyPtak, Steve v. Fletcher Jones Las Vegas Inc.A‐382112Wrongful TerminationP
Nov‐2000Eric Abbott & Todd NelsonHamilton, Ormond B. v. GES Exposition Services Inc.A‐403907Breach of ContractP
Dec‐2000Craig NewmanWarren's HWBreach of ContractA
Jan‐2001George Chanos & David NelsonDiaz, Porfirio v. McSwain, Edward L.A‐386473Personal InjuryP
Feb‐2001Dana BerlingerClutter, William v. Transportation Services AuthorityA‐386841Personal InjuryP
Feb‐2001Tom Michaelides & Ted ManosBelcastro, James v. Schorr, DavidA‐390607Personal InjuryP
Apr‐2001Tracey Buck‐Walsh & Cam FerenbachSynergy v. MGC Communications Inc.A‐411010Business DamagesD
Jul‐2001John MuijeThompson, Robert D. v. Progressive Northwestern Ins. Co.A‐372729Personal InjuryP
Aug‐2001Adam GanzConn, Anna v Schiff PO, CraigA‐415376Wrongful DeathP
Sep‐2001Greg DenueToledo, Maria E. v. Hazelrigg, JohnA‐358357Wrongful DeathP
Sep‐2001Robert VannahDebourg, Randi E. v. SW Medical Assoc. Inc.A‐403525Personal InjuryP
Oct‐2001Mark PattersonWheeler, Ed; Transportation Service AuthorityPersonal InjuryA
Nov‐2001Don ShreveDeJesus, Kenneth; Flick, SherryA‐334327Personal InjuryD
Jan‐2002George Chanos & David NelsonBrennan, Bernard v. Tower, ChristopherA‐413178Personal InjuryP
Feb‐2002William BrenskeTerrazas, Juan M.A‐366165Personal InjuryP
Feb‐2002Gary Logan98‐147200Personal InjuryP
May‐2002Michael BrimleyBusiness DamagesP
Aug‐2002Peter AnguloWrongful ArrestD
Jan‐2003Edward AchremM‐53675Personal InjuryP
Mar‐2003Peter MortonsonAll‐American Golf Center Inc. v. Western Technologies Inc.A‐424146Breach of Contract & B.W.D
Apr‐2003John Muije & Robert VannahThompson, Robert D. v. Progressive NorthwesternA‐372729Personal InjuryP
Jun‐2003Louis PalazzoArbitrationPersonal InjuryP
Oct‐2003James EdwardsRebuttalIntellectual PropertyP
Mar‐2004Thomas ChristensenLevin, Marchelle v. Markham, MatthewA‐416557Personal InjuryP
Mar‐2004Joseph R. GanleyWestern Technologies Inc. v. Anderson, John R.A‐368873Breach of ContractD
Apr‐2004Radford K. SmithPhillip, Roy v. Victoria PartnersA‐393694Personal InjuryP
Aug‐2004Donald CampbellPersonal InjuryP
Aug‐2004Donald CampbellGregorich, Rosalie v. Beck, Robert V.A‐459428Wrongful DeathP
Sep‐2004Chris NielsonArbitrationBusiness DamagesP
Oct‐2004Samuel A HardingLewis, Robin v. Webb, Teresa R.A‐345303Personal InjuryP
Sep‐2005Rob MartinPersonal InjuryP
Feb‐2006Campbell & WilliamsOaks Sr., John M. v. Sparks, Robert M.A‐481619Wrongful DeathP
Jun‐2006D. Neal TomlinsonFrias Cab CompanyMedallion Hearingn/a
Sep‐2006Rob MartinAmbriz, Fabiola v. Sunrise HospitalA‐474576Personal InjuryP
Sep‐2006George CarterPolo, EdmundoArbitrationBusiness DamagesP
Oct‐2006Littler MendelsonCola, Jocelyn v. CitibankArbitrationPersonal InjuryD
Dec‐2006Jerome BowenLoMastro, Matthew, Estate ofArbitrationWrongful DeathP
May‐2007Mark GentileD'Angelo, Louis v. St. Paul Fire and Marine Ins. MediationPersonal InjuryP
Jun‐2007D. Neal TomlinsonFrias Cab CompanyMedallion Hearingn/a
Oct‐2007Tom MazeikaSexton, Grant v. Greco TrialWrongful DeathD
Oct‐2007Sherman MayorViggi, Elena v. CanaleArbitrationMedical MalpracticeD
Oct‐2007Christensen Law OfficesCromer, Aaron v. Wilson, William TrialPersonal InjuryP
Feb‐2008Judd J. BalmerBayramkul v. California TraditionsCV06‐01565Personal InjuryP
Feb‐2008Don CampbellJon C. Scott v. M&H Enterprises TrialPersonal InjuryP
Mar‐2008Don CampbellParks v. RumjungleA‐487215Personal InjuryP
Jul‐2008Rob MartinPomerantz, Dave & Anita v. Radiation Oncology Centers of Las VegasA‐525158Breach of ContractP
Feb‐2009Don CampbellWeiss, Lawrence v. ShawA‐512754Wrongful DeathD
Mar‐2009David SampsonMarchand, GlennPersonal InjuryP
Apr‐2009Don CampbellDeal, Richard & Lonnie v. MichelinA‐487622Wrongful DeathD
Apr‐2009Ivy GageMace v. PoindexterA‐471982Personal InjuryP
Aug‐2009Cal PotterArce v. City of North Las VegasCV-S-04-0425-RLH‐PALWrongful DeathP
Aug‐2009Edward J. Achrem Buehler v. PalmsA‐521241Personal InjuryP
Feb‐2010Phillip EmersonAppel, Julie v. Ellis ConstructionA‐534930Personal InjuryD
Mar‐2010Mary ChapmanResaser, Susan v. PotlatchA‐565184Personal InjuryP
Apr‐2010Craig MurphyCarver, Tawanna v Las Vegas Terminal RestaurantsA-523146Personal InjuryP
Jul‐2010Kenneth L. HallBrown, Larry v. Anderson, Mont Business DamagesP
Nov‐2011John KeatingCarr v ParedesA‐10‐608531‐CPersonal InjuryD
Jan‐2011Thomas ChristensenBuenaventura v JensenWrongful DeathP
Feb‐2012David SampsonStewart v VIPO SAENAPersonal InjuryP
Mar‐2012Michael MascarellaStankiewicz v. Touro UniversityA-615157Wrongful TerminationP
Jan‐2014Littler MendelsonKeenan, John v. Toys "R" Us, Inc.2:05‐cv‐00615‐LDGWrongful TerminationD
Apr‐2014Gordon SilverWallace, George v Bellagio & HSBCA‐09‐604440‐CPersonal InjuryP
Apr‐2014Martin ∓ AllisonWallace, Lenette v. Clark CountyA‐09‐589610‐DPersonal InjuryP
Aug‐2014Edward J. AchremThompson, Nicole v. Autoliv, ASP, Inc. et. al.2:09‐cv‐1375‐PMP‐LRLPersonal InjuryP
Nov‐2014Littler MendelsonLinda Rancati v. Treasure Island2:10‐CV‐00376‐RLH‐GWFWrongful TerminationP
Mar‐2015Christiansen Law OfficesLyle A. Owens v. John Samuel August, et al.A‐11‐653588‐CPersonal InjuryD
Oct‐2016Lewis BrisboisBlue Martini Las Vegas LLC adv. Blanca JimenezA‐15‐716334‐CPersonal InjuryD
Aug-2017Palmer Litigation Group PLLCCalhoon v. US Bowling CongressPLG-16-001Personal InjuryP
Oct-2017Stone & Woodrow LLPLewis v. Delta2:14-cv-01683-RFB-GWFWrongful TerminationP
Aug-2018American Family InsuranceFoss v. Hallcv16-01206Personal InjuryD
Feb-2019Olson, Cannon, Gormley, Angulo & StoberskiPauluk v. Clark County Health District2:07-cv-1681-PMP-LRLWrongful DeathD
Feb-2019City Attorney’s Office, Civil DivisionNevada Restaurant Service, Inc v. City of Las Vegas2:15-cv-02240-GMN-GWFBusiness DamagesD
Feb-2019Law Office of Daniel MarksBrown v. FleuryA-17-755001-CMedical MalpracticeP
Mar-2019Gentile Cristalli Miller Armeni SavareseChowdhry v. JahangirA-15-717932-BBusiness DamagesP
Sep-2019Ford, Walker, Haggerty & Behar, LLPRodriguez v. WongA-16-740806-CPersonal Injury (Arbitration)D
Feb-2020Holland & Hart, LLPGolden Entertainment, Inc v RaymondA-17-761515-BBusiness DamagesD
May-2021Hawkins Melendrez, P.C.Cummings v CummingsA-19-795223-CDefamation (Arbitration)P
Apr-2022Maddox & Cisneros, LLPRobinson v Dignity Health, et al.A-16-742802-CMedical MalpracticeP
Jun-2022Christensen James & MartinCTSN, Inc v Valley Health Systems1260006332Business Damages (Arbitration)P
Jul-2022Christensen James & MartinCTSN, Inc v Valley Health Systems1260006332Business DamagesP
May-2024Law Office of Daniel MarksMoser v LVMPD2-17-cv-01704-APG-PALEmployment DisputeP

Deposition Testimony

Date Attorney Case Name Case Number Case Type P/D
Jun‐1996Joseph CroninJoseph I. CiaffoneA‐319735P
Jun‐1996Robert B. SidellYvonne KailP‐033635Wrongful DeathP
Aug‐1996Laura MacklinS‐96‐00084
Jan‐1997ANLV Cab Taxi Authority
Mar‐1997Connie Lee
Apr‐1997Edward J. AchremElaine BrownA‐345143P
Apr‐1997Stephen A. CatalanoDorothy Allen DuranA‐336244P
Apr‐1997Edward L. BlalockOriginal Design StudioA‐353026P
May‐1997W.R. MainorLeipei Fa'AoloA‐337626P
Jun‐1997Laurie CarragherS‐96‐00894
Jun‐1997John W. MuijeRebecca StewartA‐341723P
Jun‐1997Gerald I. GillockChris EverettA‐342505P
Jul‐1997Donald J. CampbellDoloris BeckwithA‐364772Wrongful TerminationP
Jul‐1997Jason A. AwadDerek PomariusA‐328597P
Aug‐1997Theodore J. ManosMike NolanA‐354351P
Aug‐1997Theodore J. ManosNitsa FiliosA‐356735P
Sep‐1997John L. WawernaGordon MillerA‐341627P
Sep‐1997Christopher G. GellnerScoggins/Caesars PalaceA‐333755P
Oct‐1997John A. GreenmanWillie DobbsA‐312682P
Mar‐1998Mont E. TannerMcCrae, Cynthia v. Stovall Esq., Leslie M.A‐352029P
Mar‐1998Albert G. MarquisAt&T Corp. v. LV Reservation SystemsA‐343708D
Apr‐1998David GaultS‐97‐00613
Apr‐1998Mark A. LobelloRiccio, Robert v. McKinley Association Inc.A‐371811P
Jun‐1998William S. KempTowbin, Daniel v. Red Line Taco Four LV Ltd.A‐327858P
Jul‐1998Elton HallS‐97‐4600
Jul‐1998Janet S. MarkleyAtkinson, Kymberlee v. Wong MD, HJA‐359921P
Jul‐1998Sands Convention CenterBC 145382
Jul‐1998Thomas F. ChristensenEifealdt, Chris v. Jean Hanna Clark Rehab. CenterA‐345203P
Aug‐1998Walter Leach Lee
Aug‐1998Karen CunninghamA‐437793
Aug‐1998Jon R. JonesMrback, William v. Family Doctors of Green ValleyA‐364601P
Oct‐1998Jan P. KochBaker, Carol v. Lust, EdwardA‐375705P
Oct‐1998Robert D VannahDeery, Robert K., v. Newburn, Floyd A.A‐349971P
Oct‐1998Samuel A. HardingLewis, Robin v. Webb, Teresa R.A‐345303P
Nov‐1998W.R. MainorStone, Joanne v. Farmers Insurance ExchangeA‐353583P
Nov‐1998Gabriel A. MartinezCavagnaro, Elaine v. La‐Tex PartnershipA‐346147P
Dec‐1998Kenneth L. HallColan, Kevin v. State Farm Mutual Automobile InsuranceA‐389080P
Dec‐1998Thomas L. SteffenJennerman, Song v. Soloway MD, Henry B.A‐378564P
Jan‐1999Preston S. KerrSmith, Florence v. Wilcox,Hugh A‐342345P
Jan‐1999Charles C. Lobello Herbert, Darrell v. Fagg, Ernest C.A‐370251P
Feb‐1999Richard McKnightProctor, Penny v. Castelletti, AttilioA‐301815P
Mar‐1999Willick, SethS‐97‐01688
Apr‐1999Scott A. MarquisChivers, Carolyn v. Las Vegas Hilton Corp.A‐358727P
Apr‐1999Robert GabrielA‐364269
Apr‐1999Kenneth L. HallMuth, Terry v. Ogle, MichelleA‐364709P
May‐1999Donna SilvaS‐98‐1175
Jun‐1999Albert G. MarquisBank of America Nevada v. Nevada Coin Mart Inc.A‐363076D
Jun‐1999Scott B. Van AlfenHooper, Robert v. GatesDDS, David W.A‐373337P
Jun‐1999Veronica MillerA‐369471P
Jul‐1999Paul L. WeissDenise AmesA‐349167P
Aug‐1999James L. ReamLisa DantosA‐370144P
Sep‐1999Robert A. WinnerWilliam PlummerA‐361346P
Sep‐1999William A. Levy CompletePlant Maint.A‐372733P
Oct‐1999Edward J. AchremKathryn MarzanA‐345900P
Oct‐1999David F. SampsonRonald WiniarskiA‐378591P
Oct‐1999Gerald Kirk‐HughesGenoveva HerbertA‐355536P
Nov‐1999National Dollar StoresS‐98‐01193
Dec‐1999David Allen RyanN98‐00407
Dec‐1999Edward J. AchremGloria GuerenaA‐342431P
Jan‐2000Jon R. JonesGabrielle JohnsonA‐348438P
Mar‐2000James R. CrockettMartha DudekA‐369676P
Mar‐2000Paul H. ScholfieldMax MakuchA-387463P
Mar‐2000Robert HammersleyA‐366607
Mar‐2000Gabriel A. MartinezJames MaukA‐380530P
Apr‐2000Hammersley v StationA‐366607
May‐2000James R. ChristensenSusan JohnsonA‐352832P
May‐2000Joseph P. GarinSteve TeitelbaumA‐388161P
Jun‐2000Vincent A. ConsulRobert Pincus‐Roxanne LittleA‐380859P
Jun‐2000Robert MurphyS‐98‐0021
Aug‐2000Mark W. PattersonWilliam A. ClutterA‐386841P
Aug‐2000Antonia C. Buzunis KillebrewPurity BrionesA‐382453P
Sep‐2000Ormond HamiltonA‐403907P
Sep‐2000Thomas C. MichaelidesJames BelcastroA‐390607P
Oct‐2000Georlen K. SpanglerSteve PtakA‐382112P
Oct‐2000Andrew J. ThomasSommer LawrenceP‐040461P
Oct‐2000Andrew J. ThomasBronson KahihikotoP‐040460P
Oct‐2000Thomas F. ChristensenAngel ZammittA‐403776P
Nov‐2000Edward AchremCarrie JohnsonS‐98‐1450Wrongful Death
Nov‐2000Antonia C. Buzunis KillebrewLaura & Patrick MullenA‐382939P
Jan‐2001Scott B. Van AlfenLarry TremblayA‐390333P
Jan‐2001Steve L. MorrisFreightliner Corp.A‐398624D
Jan‐2001Mark A. HutchisonBosma ‐ BartlettA‐386269D
Jan‐2001Thomas H. Peterson IIIJoseph M. KalilA‐385874P
Jan‐2001Synergy vs. MGCA‐411010
Feb‐2001W. R. MainorWilliam John PrewittA‐362694P
Feb‐2001Keith E. Galliher Jr.Elwyn PetersonA‐400201P
Feb‐2001William K. ErricoIra CerelA‐401651P
Feb‐2001Maria L. MilanoIrby AhammerA‐389353P
Mar‐2001Stanley W. PierceWilliam Cosman Sr.A‐402474P
Apr‐2001Robert D. VannahKenneth RaboldA‐395838Personal InjuryP
Apr‐2001Lee K. HartmanThomas NettletonA‐418693P
Apr‐2001Nicholas B. SalernoABC RoofingA‐401128Construction DefectD
May‐2001Raymond Gamble, Sr.S‐97‐01076
May‐2001William J. BrimCraig WallaceA‐415029P
Jul‐2001Christopher H. ByrdPaula StinskiA‐366242P
Jul‐2001James J. ReamJean BlaneyA‐376357P
Jul‐2001Robert D. VannahAnn ConnA‐415376P
Aug‐2001James L. EdwardsCurtis D.ButlerA‐414046P
Aug‐2001Robert D. VannahRandy DeBourgA‐403525P
Aug‐2001W. R. MainorSherry FlickA‐334327
Sep‐2001Donald J. CampbellGarry FouttP‐044280P
Oct‐2001Edward J. AchremAndrea JagodzinskiA‐346751P
Oct‐2001Marchelle LevinS‐98‐1472Personal Injury
Nov‐2001Donald J. CampbellCurt & Dawn WinkleA‐409712P
Dec‐2001Nathan M. CostelloDavid GilesA‐395519Personal InjuryP
Jan‐2002George J. ChanosBernard BrennanA‐413178P
Feb‐2002Gregg A. HubleyGeorge WeberA‐375430P
Feb‐2002Gabriel A. MartinezAmber BrintonA‐423331P
Mar‐2002Nikolas L. MastrangeloNancy MartinA‐430007P
Jun‐2002Michael P. WoodTimothy HartA‐432387Personal InjuryP
Aug‐2002Dan R. WaiteHKM IIA‐396487P
Sep‐2002Lawrence R. PhillipsTodd KutcherA‐434134D
Sep‐2002Thomas H. Peterson IIITimothy SmithA‐425250P
Oct‐2002Don F. Shreve Jr.Rodolfo AldamaA‐435946D
Nov‐2002Cheryl D. HornerJill WilliamsA‐432306P
Dec‐2002Edward AchremJeed SkeltonM‐53675Personal InjuryP
Jan‐2003Nathan M. CostelloMark ZellerA‐424855P
Jan‐2003Bentar Development Inc.A-424146D
Mar‐2003Radford J. SmithPhillip and Linda RoyA‐393694P
Apr‐2003Timothy L. PalazzoMary GreenA‐385826Wrongful DeathP
Apr‐2003Joseph R. GanleyJohn AndersonA‐368873Business DamagesD
Jun‐2003Matthew Q. CallisterPamela SharrettsA‐415610P
Jun‐2003Cal J. PotterJohn Ira WhiteCV‐S‐00749KJD (RJJ)Wrongful Death
Jul‐2003Maria L. MilanoLance PehrsonA‐444435Personal InjuryP
Jul‐2003Samuel A. HardingAngel AragonA‐418804Personal InjuryP
Jan‐2004Robert D. VannahClayton SmithA‐452236Wrongful DeathP
Feb‐2004Robert D. VannahLynn WelchA‐437738Personal InjuryP
Mar‐2004Neil G. GalatzEdmundo GarciaA‐426422Personal InjuryP
Apr‐2004Ryan SchultzCaladon and DuchessS‐03‐0250Business Damages
Apr‐2004Lawrence J. SmithMark Van HornA‐446696Personal InjuryP
Jul‐2004Family Lightpost ArbitrationBusiness Damages
Jul‐2004Samuel A. HardingRobin LewisA‐345303Personal InjuryP
Aug‐2004Roger J. GrantTerresanta HOAA‐467082Construction DefectP
Aug‐2004Michael WallMark Properties Inc.A‐371261Business DamagesP
Sep‐2004Robert D. VannahLynn WelchA‐437738Personal InjuryP
Sep‐2004Nancy E. QuonRainbow CreekA‐434341Construction DefectP
Sep‐2004Jay R. HamptonSanta Margarita HOAA‐442317Construction DefectP
Oct‐2004Ike L. EpsteinLynn RomanoffA‐442848Wrongful DeathP
Oct‐2004Nancy E. QuonStarfire Estates VIA‐434342Construction DefectP
Oct‐2004Stephen CarusoWilliam MarsellosA‐456886Personal InjuryP
Nov‐2004Rasoul Baghal (Subway)CV03‐03930Business Damages
Nov‐2004David W. FassettFred MagistroA‐447713Personal InjuryP
Jan‐2005Jim EdwardsSharon SwansonLife Expectancy
Jan‐2005Judy DiBattistoCV‐03‐S‐0998Wrongful TerminationP
Feb‐2005James J. JimmersonMikohn GammingA‐482899Business DamagesD
Feb‐2005Robert D. MartinLouis ToominA‐444688Personal InjuryP
Feb‐2005Michael WallMark Properties Inc.A‐371261Business DamagesP
Mar‐2005Phillip R. EmersonKerri RossiA‐438297Personal InjuryD
Apr‐2005John E. SmithRichard Castillo00‐C‐171930Personal InjuryD
Apr‐2005Jerry A. Wiese IIRobert ArechigaA‐476129Personal InjuryP
Jun‐2005Gerald I. GillockJerry MoffittA‐447462Personal InjuryP
Jun‐2005Ralph A. SchwartzGlen DenneyA‐474295Personal InjuryP
Jun‐2005Bruce MayfieldCanyon Willow TropA‐471516Construction DefectD
Jul‐2005Ford Motor CompanyPersonal Injury
Jul‐2005James R. MossHome Depot, IncA‐463637Personal InjuryD
Aug‐2005David W. FassettJoann GonzalesA‐468162Personal InjuryP
Aug‐2005Don F. Shreve Jr.Rosal v. Sierra SpringsA‐485512Personal Injury
Aug‐2005Beckley SingletonLV Downtown RedevelopmentA‐344462Eminent DomainP
Aug‐2005Thomas RyanHamawi, Rakan v. Valley Crest Co.A‐479902Personal Injury
Sep‐2005John SteffenBrenda Paul v. Thompson, WilliamA‐422067Personal Injury
Dec‐2005Don F. Shreve Jr.Kauffman, Danny A. v. Marquez, Cruz C.A‐482184Personal InjuryP
Jan‐2006David F. SampsonNoble, Leslie v. Sanders, Lonnie J.A‐461698Personal InjuryP
Apr‐2006Richard D. YoungTina MillerA‐461275Wrongful DeathP
Apr‐2006John R. Bailey & Richard C. LinstromLouis Ling & Keith MacDonaldBusiness Damages
May‐2006Brian F. ZimmermanAltair v. Finisterre Assoc.A‐485005Construction DefectD
May‐2006Richard A. HarrisSachanko, Gail v. Bobs Construction Inc.A‐493326Personal InjuryP
Jul‐2006Peter FlangasMoler, Jacob v. Silver QueenCV17160 WrongfulDeath
Aug‐2006Steve L. MorrisRichmond American Homes v. Rhodes HomesA‐489374Business DamagesD
Aug‐2006James E. CavanaughProfessional Star Construction Inc.A‐465102Personal Injury/Business DamagesP
Aug‐2006Edward J. AchremDonald IshamA‐481534Personal InjuryP
Aug‐2006Richard A. HarrisPrado, Carlo v. Shearer, JustinA‐484108Wrongful DeathP
Aug‐2006RobertD. MartinAmbriz, Fabiola v. Sunrise HospitalA‐474576Personal InjuryP
Sep‐2006Phillip R. EmersonTejas UndergroundA‐465733Personal InjuryD
Sep‐2006Michael W. BrimleyWPersonal Injury v. Black Tie CleanersA‐440154Business DamagesD
Sep‐2006M. Nelson SegelMcKinney, Kristie v. BengeA‐452965Personal InjuryP
Oct‐2006Rosa RaineyEquilon/Shell Oil Co.CV‐S‐04‐1582 & CV‐S‐03‐0515Business DamagesD
Oct‐2006Phillip S. AurbachCarefree v. CrescentA‐476071Business DamagesP
Nov‐2006Helm & Associates, Bremer Whtye Brown & O'MearaFalls HOA v. FrameconA‐483282Construction DefectD
Nov‐2006Snell & WilmerFord Motor CompanyA‐439834Personal InjuryD
Jan‐2007Lincoln Gustafson CercosImgard, v. Jager, RobertCV‐04‐02812Personal InjuryD
Jan‐2007Jason CookPiper, CarlaA‐480994Personal InjuryP
Jan‐2007Loren YoungMGM MirageA‐460956Personal InjuryD
Jan‐2007Jim JimmersonApache Springs HOAA‐442165Construction DefectP
Feb‐2007Zimmerman & Assoc.Acacias Condo v. Allen Construction Services LLCA‐503339Construction DefectD
Feb‐2007Brent PercivalWells, AdamPersonal InjuryP
Mar‐2007Lee RussellHighland Development Co. dba Westmark Homes and Canville, LLCA‐509094Construction DefectD
Mar‐2007Richard HarrisTobler, Judy v. Nevada Power Co.A‐479910Wrongful DeathP
Apr‐2007Fredrickson, Mazeika & Grant LLPSexton, Faye v. Greco, VincentCV‐22315Wrongful DeathD
Apr‐2007Randles & ReaganIbarra v. Ford Motor Co.A‐485304Wrongful DeathP
May‐2007David SampsonCromer, Aaron v. WilsonA‐467179Personal InjuryP
Jun‐2007Palmer & AssociatesThe Estate of Ana Patricia HernandezA‐520168Wrongful DeathP
Jul‐2007Emerson & MankeGarcia, Rose v. Sahara Air Conditioning & HeatingA‐514661Personal InjuryD
Sep‐2007Gil GlanczQuail Ridge HOA v. Comstock DevelopmentA‐494771Construction DefectD
Sep‐2007Peter AnguloWilliam Lomax, Jr. v. LVMPDP‐057171Wrongful DeathD
Oct‐2007Steve MorrisKrystle TowersA‐501562Business DamagesD
Oct‐2007Don CampbellJon Scott v. M&H EnterprisesA‐524888Personal InjuryP
Nov‐2007Edward AchremNewton, Derek & JoanA‐516287Personal InjuryP
Nov‐2007Jeff JuddKeenan v. Toys "R" UsCBS050615LDGRJJWrongful TerminationD
Dec‐2007Ivy GageMace v. PoindexterA‐471982Personal InjuryP
Dec‐2007Don ShreveKindness v. Hi‐Desert ApplianceA‐513344Personal InjuryD
Jan‐2008Cal J. Potter, IIITucker v. TASER Inc & LVMPDCV‐S‐05‐1216‐LDG‐RJJWrongful DeathP
Jan‐2008Leah MartinUrban Vegas v. Kovens VegasA‐529750Business DamagesD
Jan‐2008Don ShreveMelissa Hamby v. Judy LoeA‐474252Personal InjuryD
Jan‐2008Judd J. BalmerJerry Loeffler v. Ritz CarltonWrongful TerminationP
May‐2008John T. KeatingArenas‐De Castillo v. Nunez‐Moreno, et al.A‐515482Personal InjuryP
May‐2008Edward J. AchremBrice Buehler v. PalmsA‐521241Personal InjuryP
Jun‐2008Richard D YoungMarvin Dodd v. Witman's FoodA‐532956Personal InjuryP
Jun‐2008Rogelio RuizThe Vons Companies Inc. v. Del Webb Communities, Inc.A‐501372 Business DamagesP
Jul‐2008Scott RighthandRochelle Schott v. MGM GrandA‐533350Personal InjuryD
Aug‐2008Wade RabenhorstRita Ware v. SwansonA‐513339Wrongful DeathD
Aug‐2008Cassandra JosephPatrick George v. Peter Morton, et al.2:06‐CV‐1112‐PMP‐GWFBreach of ContractP
Sep‐2008Arthur FlangasDare, Gary v. Davis FreightPersonal InjuryP
Sep‐2008Rob MartinHandicab LLC (Taxicab Authority Hearing)
Nov‐2008Wade RabenhorstDeal, Lonnie & Richard v. MichelinA‐487622Wrongful DeathP
Dec‐2008Jerome BowenLife’s Esssentials dba NPPOC v. Murphy Electric & Farmer’s Ins.A‐502959Business DamagesP
Jan‐2009Eileen LuttrellWestpark HOA v. WestparkConstruction DefectD
Jan‐2009Robert CarlsonAmber Ridge v. Highland Dev. Co.A‐533852Construction DefectD
Mar‐2009Cornelius KaseyChristopher Bryant v. Home & Hearth Stemmons FreewayCC‐06‐14752‐E (Texas)Personal InjuryP
Apr‐2009Judd J. BalmerDean & Saga Morse v. Richmond American HomesA‐517694Construction DefectP
Apr‐2009Loren S. YoungJanice Higgins v. Peninsula Flooring, Lomeli, et al.Personal InjuryD
May‐2009Kristine JensenBenjamin Buenaventura v. ChauA‐547906Wrongful DeathP
Jun‐2009Kerry EarleyBoyajian, ArshagWrongful DeathP
Jul‐2009Phillip EmersonPanter, Joy v. Brandt, Sidney & AnnA‐545792Personal InjuryD
Jul‐2009Mary ChapmanReaser, Susan Wrongful TerminationP
Aug‐2009Evan WishengradHall, Kimmi v. Wells Fargo et al.A‐545461BusinessDamagesP
Sep‐2009Arthur FlanagasDare, Gary v. Davis Freight, Inc.A‐537027Personal InjuryP
Sep‐2009Christensen Law OfficesNichols, David v. Western AZ Med. CenterA-524310Wrongful DeathP
Sep‐2009Potter Law OfficesCollopy v. USAWrongful DeathP
Oct‐2009Jesse SbaihKerns, Warner v. Desert Trails et alCV 25327Wrongful DeathP
Mar‐2010David SampsonStewart, Brandon v Saena, VipoA‐572916Personal InjuryP
Apr‐2010Emerson & MankeThompson, Eric v. Triton GradingPersonal InjuryD
Apr‐2010Bailey KennedyPPowell v. Powell Naqvi08‐A566761‐CWrongful TerminationD
Jul‐2010McCoy Law GroupFoxworth v. Nevada State BankA-543754Wrongful DeathP
Jul‐2010David F. SampsonMcThomas v. Michelin08‐A566761‐CWrongful DeathP
Aug‐2010Steven AbbottJasmine v Viega VanguaardA-523205Construction DefectD
Aug‐2010Janet Pancoast, esq.Hansen v Iron MountainPersonal InjuryD
Sep‐2010Steven AbbottChateau Versailles v Vieaga VanguaardA-536343Construction DefectD
Oct‐2010Fredrickson MazeikaYang v DC AutoPersonal InjuryP
Nov‐2010Wolfenzon, Schulman & RolleChateau Versailles v Nevada Gypsum FloorsConstruction DefectD
Nov‐2010Luh & AssociatesChateau Versailles v McKimmee ElectricConstruction DefectD
Apr‐2011Ed AchremPompa v JRJ InvestmentsA‐09‐604S2S‐CPersonal InjuryP
Apr‐2011Triggs Law FirmEid v Brown Miller LeasingWrongful DeathD
May‐2011Douglas GardnerKelly v FalcoPersonal InjuryD
May‐2011Geoffrey HawkinsAllState v Western CommercialBusiness DamagesD
May‐2011Phillip EmersonAllison v RowePersonal InjuryD
Jul‐2011Chateau Noveau v Chateau FlamingoConstruction DefectD
Nov‐2011Larry PanekHorizons at 7 Hills v Goose DevelopmentConstruction DefectD
Dec‐2011Edward AchremThompson v AutolivPersonal InjuryP
Jan‐2012Phillip EmersonGaiptman v Meng LinPersonal InjuryD
Feb‐2012John KeatingCabigon adv WilliamsPersonal InjuryD
Mar‐2012Craig MurphyBlevins v Chapman DodgeWrongful DeathP
Mar‐2012David SampsonBarry v. Fernandez, FrankPersonal InjuryP
Jul‐2012Campbell & WilliamsCrowder v SchindlerPersonal InjuryP
Aug‐2012Achrem & AssociatesEsoldi v FarrellPersonal InjuryP
Aug‐2012Christensen LawCarrillo v LVMPDWrongful DeathP
Nov‐2012Emerson MankeTennis v AngelPersonal InjuryD
Dec‐2012Morris, Sullivan & Lemkul LLPLegacy Villas HOA v Centex HomesWrongful DeathP
Dec‐2012Morris, Sullivan & Lemkul LLPLegacy Villas HOA v Centex HomesPersonal InjuryD
Feb‐2013Cal PotterBriggs v UMCWrongful DeathP
Apr‐2013Price KeatingGreenblatt v Taira, et alPersonal InjuryP
May‐2013Bill BradleyDelalis, Peter v ThemeworksA‐10‐630729‐CPersonal InjuryD
May‐2013Samuel MirkovichBurger, Joshua v Galey, Clifford‐cv‐01634‐GMN‐CWHPersonal InjuryD
Jul‐2013Eric MarshallToma, Sara v Silverado Ranch PlazaA-630561Personal InjuryP
Jul‐2013Paul E. RabyVelazquez, Ricardo v Nevada PowerA-563615Personal InjuryP
Aug‐2013Olson, Cannon, Gormley, Angulo, & StoberskiCalhoon v. US Bowling CongressPersonal InjuryP
Aug‐2013Eric MarshallPons, Juan Carlos v Sunset StationA‐11‐633411‐CPersonal InjuryP
Aug‐2013John KeatingWilliamson et al. v. Triola et al.A‐11‐638930‐CLife‐Care Plan AnalysisD
Oct‐2013Cheryl BradfordWallace, Lenette v Clark County et al.09‐A589610Personal InjuryP
Nov‐2013Patricia Egan Daehnke & Linda K. RurangirwaElena Beck vs. Joseph W. Plautz et al.A‐12‐656433‐CPersonal InjuryP
Nov‐2013Gary LoganDonna Jain et al vs. Summerlin Hospital Medical Center et al.A‐11‐639966‐CWrongful DeathP
Dec‐2013John KeatingSherry Schlosser vs. Tricia Carol Hamilton et. alA‐12‐656188‐CPersonal InjuryD
Dec‐2013Eglet Wall ChristiansenLyle Owens vs. John Samuel August et. alA‐11‐653588‐CPersonal InjuryP
Jan‐2014Law Offices of Ronald E. Triggs, PC.Magana v Rock Springs Jackson Bus LineC‐12‐95‐RPersonal InjuryD
Jan‐2014Gordon SilverWallace, George v Bellagio & HSBCA‐09‐604440‐CPersonal InjuryP
Feb‐2014Martin & AllisonLenette Wallace vs. Clark CountyA‐09‐589610‐DPersonal InjuryP
Apr‐2014Littler MendelsonCarlson, Claudia et al vs Monte Carlo Resort and Casino2:13‐cv‐00378Personal InjuryD
Apr‐2014Pisanelle Bice PLLCCoyote Springs Investment, LLC, et al. v. Pardee home of Nevada Inc., et al.A-636401Breach of ContractP
May‐2014Roger P. Croteau & Associates, LTDBurrows, James vs. Yes AC & Plumbing et al.A‐12‐661567Personal InjuryP
Jun‐2014Littler MendelsonClement vs Valley Health System2:13‐CV‐00685DiscriminationD
Sep‐2014Elizabeth J. FoleyStephanie Youngblood vs. State Farm2:14‐cv‐OOS90‐JAD‐PALPersonal InjuryP
Oct‐2014Kemp, Jones & CoulthardKathleen Gustafson vs. Tropicana Las VegasA‐13‐684746‐CPersonal InjuryP
Nov‐2014Sam MirkovichFlamm vs. Forum ShopsA-634479Wrongful DeathP
Nov‐2014Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and MartinezGonzales v. CaffertyA‐12‐673390‐CPersonal InjuryP
Jan‐2015Alverson Taylor Mortensen & SandersBiagi Bros., Inc. and Gary Lee Mickalson adv. Michele BuckleyA‐12‐673882‐CPersonal InjuryD
Mar‐2015Alverson, Taylor, Mortensen & SandersDavid Geslak vs. Lois Foster; Black Mountain Golf and Country ClubA‐13‐676144‐CPersonal InjuryP
Mar‐2015Mainor WirthJohn Chavez v. Alexa Mateos and Phyllis SchwartzA‐12‐672512‐CPersonal InjuryP
Jul‐2015Jeffrey J. OrrLa Posada HOA vs Brussel Consulting & Construction ManagementA‐11‐642098‐DConstruction DefectP
Aug‐2015George M. RanalliBradley Fischer v. Latif, LLC.A‐14‐697872‐CPersonal InjuryP
Sep‐2015Daniel MarksCosta, Catharina vs. Global Experience2:14‐cv‐00153DiscriminationP
Oct‐2015Littler MendelsonWal‐Mart Stores adv. Lidia G. Jablonski2:13‐cv‐01510‐JAD‐VCFWrongful TerminationD
Nov‐2015James J. ReemLedonia French vs. State FarmA‐14‐700914‐CPersonal InjuryP
Dec‐2015Bryce B. BuckwalterOasis v. Lamar Central OutdoorA‐12‐659108‐CBusiness DamagesP
Jan‐2016Gerrard Cox LarsonRAS adv. First American Title2:14‐cv‐01621‐MMD‐KJKBusiness DamagesD
Sep‐2016Wood, Smith, Henning & BermanTanya Parker vs. American Land and Leisure, Inc.A‐14‐711425‐CPersonal InjuryD
Mar‐2017Cal Potter, Potter Law OfficeMarylyn Sumner et al. vs. Summerlin Hospital Medical Center et al.A-709473Wrongful DeathP
Apr‐2017Julie Raye Law, LLC Vicjert & Shepherd LLPAngela M. Edilloran v. Ugoezi Agu et alA‐15‐724196‐CWrongful DeathP
Jul-2017Backus, Carranza & BurdenGuadalupe Martinez v. The Vons Companies, Inc.2:16-cv-02380-GMN-PALPersonal InjuryD
Aug-2017Ladah Law FirmEstate of William Parke v. Las Vegas Sands Corp.A-15-716380-CWrongful DeathP
Sep-2017Ladah Law FirmRoman-Padilla v. VickersA-15-728551-CPersonal InjuryP
Oct-2017Ladah Law FirmEstate of William ParkeA-15-716380-CWrongful DeathP
Nov-2017American Family InsuranceBrian Foss v Adam & Jessica HallCV16-01206Personal InjuryD
Nov-2017Gentile Cristalli Miller Armeni SavareseGino FerraroLost EarningsP
Jan-2018Hawkins Melendrez, PCZacari v CihlarA-16-742378-CPersonal InjuryP
Mar-2018Dennett WinspearMcGrath v MartinezA-16-742202-CPersonal InjuryD
Jun-2018Ladah Law FirmGarcia-Lopez v Nevada Checker Cab CorpA-16-739239-CPersonal InjuryP
Jul-2018Hitzke & AssociatesAleman v FAEC Holdings Wirrulla, LLCA-15-720260-CPersonal InjuryP
Oct-2018Law Office of Daniel MarksBrown v FleuryA-17-755001-CMedical MalpracticeP
Nov-2018Murdock & Associates Chtd.Jenkins v WhiteA-15-726641-CMedical MalpracticeP
Nov-2018The 702 FirmLoeffler v Parball Corporation A-13-691452-CPersonal InjuryP
Dec-2018The Law Office of Kristian Lavigne and Associates, PCJohnson & Barnes v Par 3 LandscapingA-16-748260-CPersonal InjuryP
Jan-2019City Attorney’s Office, Civil DivisionNevada Restaurant Service, Inc v City of Las Vegas2:15-cv-02240-GMN-GWFBusiness DamagesD
Jan-2019Gentile Cristalli Miller Armeni SavareseChowdhry v JahangirA-15-717932-BBusiness DamagesP
Mar-2019Campbell & WilliamsGardner v Henderson Water Park, LLCA-15-722259-CWrongful DeathP
Apr-2019The 702 FirmConciatore v Paris Las Vegas Operating Company, LLCA-17-755323-CPersonal InjuryD
Apr-2019The Law Offices of James J ReamAguilera Herrera v GarciaA-17-764901-CPersonal InjuryP
May-2019Dowd Bennett LLPDraft Bars, LLC v Anheuser-Busch, LLCBK-S-16-16656-MKNBusiness DamagesD
Jun-2019Sutton Hague Law CorporationGolden Entertainment, Inc v RaymondA-17-761515-BBusiness DamagesD
Aug-2019Ladah Law FirmShell v ManansalaA-17-755945-CPersonal InjuryP
Aug-2019Campbell & WilliamsBankston v Henderson Water Park, LLCA-18-767126-CWrongful DeathP
Mar-2020Littler Mendelson, P.C.Meza-Perez v Sbarro LLC2:19-cv-00373-APG-NJKWrongful TerminationD
Jul-2020Ladah Law FirmMedina Marquez v Ramirez-TorresA-17-760451-CPersonal InjuryP
Jul-2020Ladah Law FirmCasas-Diaz v Ramirez-TorresA-17-760451-CPersonal InjuryP
Sep-2020Gerald I. Gillock & AssociatesBailey v Schroer, M.D.A-19-787827-CMedical MalpracticeP
Dec-2020Gerald I. Gillock & AssociatesChoi v Browder, M.D.A-18-782050-CMedical MalpracticeP
Jan-2021American Family InsuranceEverett v Spectorcv18-02165Personal InjuryD
Feb-2021Dennett Winspear, LLPAndrews v ParkerA-19-787332-CPersonal InjuryD
Mar-2021Emerson Law GroupMarin v ClarkA-18-776332-CPersonal InjuryD
Aug-2021Maddox, Isaacson & CisnerosRobinson v Dignity Health, et alA-16-742802-CMedical MalpracticeP
Mar-2022Gerald I. Gillock & AssociatesD'Orsi v KuruvillaA-20-816013-CMedical MalpracticeP
Feb-2023Ladah Law FirmUnpingco v Corner Investment Company LLCA-20-812604-CPersonal InjuryP
April-2023Lincoln, Gustafson & Cercos LLPMikelic v MGM Grand Hotel, LLCA-21-834197-CPersonal InjuryD
Jul-2023Haper SelimRogers v MasseyA-21-834222-CPersonal InjuryD
Jul-2023Keating Law GroupLopez v NogeraA-21-841521-CPersonal InjuryD
Aug-2023Angulo Law Group, LLCWatkins v KanapathyA-20-820714-CPersonal InjuryD
Aug-2023Clark Hill, LLPGraves v MarovitzA-20-820741-CPersonal InjuryD
Dec-2023Hall, Jaffe & Clayton, LLPAlvarado-Herrera v Acuity A Mutual Insurance CompanyA-22-848001-CPersonal InjuryP
Jan-2024Gerald I. Gillock & AssociatesBurgland v SinghA-21-839420-CMedical MalpracticeP
Feb-2024Mainor Wirth, LLPSussman v RoseA-19-799569-CPersonal InjuryP
Mar-2024Law Office of Daniel MarksGreen v DeleeA-17-757722-CMedical MalpracticeP